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  • Flash drums 1.08

    drum machine, free downloadable drum machine, drum machine music sound. Keyboard drum machine. Free ear training software Digital drum machine for kids, drum machine game, drum machine midi, free downloadable drum
  • Drum online machine 09

    drum machine online flash online flash. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard. drum kit. You can record your melody and play it. You can see how to easy to create a melody. Why not to create drum melody and enjoy drums
  • Optik 1.4

    Optik is a simple, yet effective drum synth with a unique sound. -2 kickdrums, 2 snares, Hihat, Perc, Tom -drum panels can be removed to reveal hidden parameters -drum preview: click on the drum name for quik
  • Dany's Virtual Drum 2 1.0

    Now you can play virtual drum by using keyboard of your system with handy drum simulator software Dany's Virtual drum 2. It has user friendly interface that when starts helps users in selecting keys combination. It is
  • Drum online player 012

    drum player ear training drum game ear training online weeper drum game virtual drum game free online drum game drum set game drum flash game drum kit game drum circle
  • Drum play online game 9.0

    drum game online weeper drum game virtual ear training drum game free online drum game drum set game drum flash game drum kit game drum circle
  • NkeybDrum 1.3.8

    Turn any PC into real drum. Play drums with custom keyboard and foot mouse or with Rock Band drum set, create custom drum patterns and save it as midi files, learn how to play from animated lessons, versatile drum
  • Machine drum 1

    drum machine. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers and drum
  • Ultimate DrumKit 1

    This is a free and real time keyboard drum machine for the music fans. You can Play drums on your computer with this software. Try to play the rhythm you like and create your own drum style. Just download it right Now
  • Virtual Drum Electro 1.0

    virtual drum is a free and unique drum module utility that enables you to Play drum samples though your midi keyboard, electronic drum pads or even your num keys on your computer keyboard. You can load up your own
  • Drum editor online 08.20

    drum editor ear training drum editor. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers and drum editor ear
  • SlicyDrummer 2.0

    Slicydrummer provides user with an easy and convenient way to quickly construct drum loops by combining the individual drum instrument patterns. Heart of the Slicydrummer is the original Intelligent drum Rhythm Compose
  • Dtab 1.03b

    drum Tab editor with Tab Import & Playback drummers wanted to hear what your drum Tab sounds like ? or create your own drum Tab ? - Well, welcome to DTAB a powerful drum TAB editor, aimed at the fast and easy
  • TabTrax 1.0

    TabTrax imports drum tab files from internet sources such as mxtabs.net, drumtab.net, etc. and instantly converts them into playable MIDI music. - drummers can learn groves, fills or whole songs from their favorite
  • Drum Machine 2

    drum machine. Use this game for record and plaing online drum sound. A virtual online workshop for drummers and drum editor. drum machine. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers
  • InstantRimshot 1.2

    This is a small program that plays a drum music when you hit the Pause/Break key in the keyboard. It can be used to play the drum as an appreciation when someone says a joke! The program can keep a log of timings and the
  • Little Drummer Boy drum loop creator 0.90b

    software which assembles WAV samples (of both single drum sounds or existing drum loops) and Stomper sounds into cool drum LOOPS. Advanced effects like decay, pitchchange, resonant filtering, distorsion, stereo spread
  • Tone Metronome 2.0

    Tone Metronome is a flexible beat indicator that offers a variety of kick, snare, crash, hihat and click drums. The volume and timing of each drum can be setup independently to create a variety of drum rhythms. The
  • MusicLab DrumTools Performance Designer Demo

    drumTools Performance Designer, a powerful VSTi drum tool, enables users to create 1 to 8 high quality drum sound performances. Among them are the drum loops, intros, fills, solo and endings and make a trigger for them
  • The Incredible Drum Machine 2.8

    The Incredible drum Machine is a powerful drum sequencer that you can use to arrange different drum parts, which you may later use in a studio without any changes. The program allows you to adjust the volume of
  • SequenceK Loops - Electronic Drum Rhythms 1

    SequenceK Loops - Electronic drum Rhythms 1 offers you an effective way to add electronic drum beats to your music creations. SequenceK Loops is a collection of high quality and original electronic drum loops. It
  • Sonic Charge µTonic VST

    Sonic Charge µTonic (pronounced "MicroTonic") is a VST / AU plug-in for Windows and Mac featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer combined with a pattern based drum-machine engine.You can use µTonic as a sound
  • Edrum Monitor

    Edrum Monitor was created to add more options to electronic drum modules and is compatible with any drum module with MIDI output ability. The purpose of this program is to aid in making your electronic drums sound more
  • Tromine GT 0.2

    Virtual Analog drum Synthesizer. Features: *Made with SynthEdit *16 analog drum synthesizers - Bass drum - Snare drum - Low tom / Low conga - mid tom / Mid conga - High tom / High conga - Claves -
  • Beat Morpher 1.0

    Beat morpher is a sample Playback drum machine that lets you Morph between two rhythms. You specify start and end positions for each drum hit. Then you can morph from one pattern to the next. Each drum hit shifts in
  • MIDIDRUM 2.1

    The handy software application MIDIdrum is capable of splitting instruments or tracks of midi drum into separate tracks. Its major features are it has ability to read binary midi file of format 0 or 1; it is capable
  • ES DGenR8 3.5.6

    ES DGenR8 is an open source, virtual analog drum machine that include 11 voices and wide variety of controls that mimic the TR-909: Bass drum, Snare drum, Low, Mid & High Toms, Rim Shot, Clap, Open & Closed Hi Hats,
  • A-Kit for Windows XP 1.4

    A-kit is a pack of drum plugins. It is low cost and very simple to use: just insert one of the seven modules in one of your audio tracks and start playing, driving the module thanks to MIDI. The plugins all respond to
  • Granite 3.0

    Granite plug-in is using its included oscillators and 16 bit wav samples for creating vintage drum machines as well as drum sounds and effects. The kits that are used by this plug-in consist of 8 drum presets as well as
  • Beatcraft drum machine 1.02_b19

    drum machine software Acoustica Beatcraft is used for generating fast beat. Its key features are these: it has user friendly interface; it has top quality extensive library and professional drum sounds; tools for loop