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  • SequenceK Loops - Electronic Drum Rhythms 1

    SequenceK Loops - Electronic drum Rhythms 1 offers you an effective way to add electronic drum beats to your music creations. SequenceK Loops is a collection of high quality and original electronic drum loops. It
  • Flash drums 1.08

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  • Tone Metronome 2.0

    Tone Metronome is a flexible beat indicator that offers a variety of kick, snare, crash, hihat and click drums. The volume and timing of each drum can be setup independently to create a variety of drum rhythms. The
  • Drum Beats 1.1.0

    In this game you will first need to hear a set of drum beats played by the computer, after that you should play the exact same beats alongside the computer, the more accurate your play is, the higher the score you gain.
  • CheckBeat 3

    Checkbox-based drum machine and sample player. CheckBeat is a virtual drum machine designed for quickly creating simple beats. It can be used like a fancy metronome and is handy when you need to create a backing beat
  • SoundTrek Drummer

    Will give you the tools to be creative Will give you the tools to be creative without the hassles of programming or the repetition of loops. SoundTrek drummer is an easy to use yet powerful and flexible MFX/VST MIDI
  • orDrumbox 0.9.08

    The handy software ordrumbox supports an automatic music composition capability that's why it can be used for programming drum. You can use built-in drum kits with the audio sequencer functions for completing songs while
  • Drum player 1

    drum player play drums with a mouse or keyboard. It is a drum kit for kids and adults and helps you learn how to play the drums. This free drum-kit series tutorial for beginning drummers including basic beats and
  • Drum Station DT-010 1.09

    Groove studio for your PC. drumStation is a virtual drum computer and groove studio for your PC. drumStation is a virtual drum computer and groove studio for your PC. It is roughly based on the legendary Roland
  • Drum online machine 09

    drum machine online flash online flash. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard. drum kit. You can record your melody and play it. You can see how to easy to create a melody. Why not to create drum melody and enjoy drums
  • Abominaclavia 1

    Abominaclavia is a bizarre drum machine-like sequencer that lets you assign digital samples (.wav files) to 128 separate beats (8 loops of 16 beats each) each with its own controls for pitch, volume, and stereo panning.
  • DrummaTicks

    drummaTicks is a drum machine that uses your computer sound card to play drum patterns. You can also think of drummaTicks as a very advanced metronome. If you can't afford a professional drum player willing to teach
  • Loopy 2.5

    Lets you create drum Loops and export the Loop as a standard MIDI file for use in other sequencer software. Loopy has up to 12 drum parts and 16 beats per measure. Intermediate results can be saved for future editing.
  • Drum online player 012

    drum player ear training drum game ear training online weeper drum game virtual drum game free online drum game drum set game drum flash game drum kit game drum circle
  • Drum play online game 9.0

    drum game online weeper drum game virtual ear training drum game free online drum game drum set game drum flash game drum kit game drum circle
  • Optik 1.4

    Optik is a simple, yet effective drum synth with a unique sound. -2 kickdrums, 2 snares, Hihat, Perc, Tom -drum panels can be removed to reveal hidden parameters -drum preview: click on the drum name for quik
  • Copernicus 1.27

    This is an ambitious vision of how a browser should be operated. Copernicus introduces a new form mouse gestures that operate on drum like clicks call Mouse beats. Mouse beats is far more efficient than the clumsy broad
  • Web Metronome

    Web Metronome is a program that will produce regular clicks, settable in beats per minute.The metronomes are used by musicians for maintaining a consistent tempo with steady regular beats, and by composers that want to
  • Dany's Virtual Drum 2 1.0

    Now you can play virtual drum by using keyboard of your system with handy drum simulator software Dany's Virtual drum 2. It has user friendly interface that when starts helps users in selecting keys combination. It is
  • Ultimate DrumKit 1

    This is a free and real time keyboard drum machine for the music fans. You can Play drums on your computer with this software. Try to play the rhythm you like and create your own drum style. Just download it right Now
  • MidiDrums 1.0

    Mididrums is a very useful MIDI drum appliance. I industrial it because I wanted to make my Yamaha Motif Rack ES I didn't like any of the free MIDI-only drum machines I found on the Internet and I required something
  • MusicLab DrumTools Performance Designer Demo

    drumTools Performance Designer, a powerful VSTi drum tool, enables users to create 1 to 8 high quality drum sound performances. Among them are the drum loops, intros, fills, solo and endings and make a trigger for them
  • Acoustica Beatcraft 1.02 build 19

    Powerful and easy to use drum machine Acoustica Beatcraft is an extremely powerful and easy to use drum machine application for beginners and professionals alike! Its friendly, streamlined interface makes beat
  • Hip Hop Starz 3.7

    Hip Hop Starz is a handy application that is designed for the beginner or intermediate user. It features drag and drop interface which easily lets you create your own songs on your PC. This large version of the preview
  • iZotope iDrum 1.73.625

    Turns your PC into a powerful and flexible virtual drum machine. Turns your PC into a powerful and flexible virtual drum machine. iZotope idrum is a simple application that allows you to create your own drum
  • Virtual Drum Electro 1.0

    virtual drum is a free and unique drum module utility that enables you to Play drum samples though your midi keyboard, electronic drum pads or even your num keys on your computer keyboard. You can load up your own
  • NkeybDrum 1.3.8

    Turn any PC into real drum. Play drums with custom keyboard and foot mouse or with Rock Band drum set, create custom drum patterns and save it as midi files, learn how to play from animated lessons, versatile drum
  • Audile Rhythm Machine 1.0

    Audile Rhythm Machine is a simple drum machine for the Game Boy Advance. Make and edit beats in real time. * Over 60 samples including kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, vocals, percussion and video game sounds! * Program
  • JamDeck 1.1.8

    Turn your PC or Mac into an instant jamming, live looping, musical brainstorming studio. JamDeck is organic music production software for capturing brilliant ideas quickly. Taking a new approach to music creation that
  • Minimal 1.5

    Minimal is a Compact groovebox-style drum machine with an onboard bassline synth. Designed for making quick beats on the fly. -Kick, Snare, Hat and Bass modules -Each module has it's own 8-step sequencer -Bass module